Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy seeks to keep each and every client thoroughly informed of all the charges related to individual cases.

Every aspect of our business is based on transparency, and while changes may be necessary mid-case and additional needs may arise, clients are given clear explanations, should any extra costs arise throughout their case.

We always try to avoid changing your designated lawyer mid-case, but in some instances, this can be necessary. We would then only assign a highly qualified lawyer to follow up on your case.

Charges are based on the seniority and level of experience of the lawyer, in addition to the complexity, urgency and importance of the case. Our estimate is based on a specified number of hours of work and, where appropriate, a specified precedent fee.

Our charges include advising, meeting attendance and administration costs. We also charge for expenses such as travel costs, couriers fees, barristers fees, company search etc.

If the scope of the initial work changes or any complications arise, our client is immediately informed.

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